LP PURE Multicolor Neck Cords

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Add some color and personality to your glasses with PURE Multicolor Neck Cords. Made from soft cotton, these cords keep your glasses securely around your neck while adding a touch of style. Say goodbye to boring plain cords and hello to a colorful, quirky accessory!

FITTING INSTRUCTIONS: Get creative with your glasses with PURE Multicolor Neck Cords! Simply pop the rubber band onto your frames and roll it towards the front for a unique look. Say goodbye to boring eyewear and hello to playful style. (No more slipping glasses!)

Dimensions for shorter Cord: 330mm
Dimensions for longer Cord 640mm
Material: Cotton, Plastic
Care: Wash in clean warm water & hang to dry

Caution. Product contains small parts - not suitable for children under 3 years old.